Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Hidden Truth on mole Exposed

This is new info about mole.I found this article about mole  on the web and I decided to share with you because I like
the way he presented information about mole  in his article.I hope you enjoy reading this article

Mole that appears on the skin can make someone look more sweet.  That was not the only advantage, because the number of moles on the skin can show better bone density. A large mole on the skin not only makes a person look younger,  also make the inside of your body   has a better bone density. Those who have many moles allows the cells in her body renews itself more frequently.

Although there are other consequences such as higher-risk contact with cancer, either skin cancer or other types. Most people have moles of 30-40, some of which have up to 600 moles. A series of studies conducted by a team from Kings College and DrVeronique Bataille, a dermatologist from the Hemel Hempstead General Hospital to see the relationship between the number of moles of other physical characters. Some people who have more than 100 moles will develop osteoporosis fewer than those with a small number of moles.

It was based on a recent study involving 1200 people and was represented in the Royal Society of Medicine conference. Recoverable amount of a lot of moles have a small risk of contact with the reduction in bone density associated with increasing age. Until it is slightly more brittle bone disease and fractures later in life. Although the reason for this relationship has not been clear, but the researchers have noticed that people with many moles have a number of differences in the DNA strands in every cell which carries the genetic code.

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