Saturday, October 1, 2011

If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on mole removal

How the process until the moles can appear on the surface of human skin? Is the appear of a mole since the embryo ? This is info by Yuhanes Surya

Moles caused by abnormal growth and development of pigment cells in the deeper layers of the skin. Every person has a mole. The amount varies between 10-40, although some are up to a 100 moles. Most moles appear from birth to age 20 years, but there also appear during the process of fetal development. People who spend under the scorching sun loungers have more moles.                                         

In the development of this mole was first a bit dark, and then grow,and has a shape and size vary. Some are oval, some round, some are covered with hair, some plain, some brown, black, and pink.Some moles are dangerous, some are not. If your moles itch or pain, or continue to grow or bleed, should be examined to see a doctor, because there is the possibility of these moles develop into skin cancer.

Also recommended to avoid sun without skin protection in the sun for more than two hours, because the rays of the sun can increase the tendency of experiencing skin melanoma (skincancer).
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