Saturday, October 15, 2011

Facial Mole Removal

A person having moles on the numerous parts of the body that can be seen is usually not comfortable with the fact. It becomes all the more embarrassing if a mole is present on the face. Regardless of the fact that moles are not dangerous, the very fact of it being present on the face might make one feel that they look unattractive. Not all facial moles however make a person look unattractive. In reality some of the moles are located in places that make it appear to be a sign of beauty.
Moles on the face are usually considered for removal due to aesthetic reasons. There are many techniques for getting facial mole removal done. Three commonly used approaches are laser removal, excision without sutures and excision with sutures. Laser therapy is usually not preferred to remove large moles. The inability of laser to penetrate too deep into the skin is the reason behind this. There is usually no pain associated with this method. Being expensive and the possibility of a scar being left, are the two major drawbacks associated with this method.
Excision with sutures is the popular technique used to remove moles that are very deep. Along with the mole some area around it is also removed. Prior to implementing this method, the area needs to be properly cleaned using a disinfectant. Stitches need to be put after the removal of the desired area. Depending on how deep the mole is the depth of the stitches is determined. Deep stitches need not be applied in case the mole is not very deep.
Moles that are not much deep are generally removed by excision without sutures. This method involves the removal of the mole using a scalpel and then cauterizing it so that the bleeding stops. This process often has some growth cells left. As a result of it there are high chances that the mole may grow again in the same place. There is also a possibility of the formation of a scar in both the types of excision methods.
Mole removal can be done with the help of one of the other widely popular methods. This is the natural home remedies. It is one of the most preferred methods as it is the least expensive. One can conveniently carry out the procedures at home and these methods also do have a very remote possibility of leaving a scar.
Apple cider vinegar is one among the most commonly used remedies. It is the acidic nature of this substance that is made use of, to remove the mole. This might affect the normal skin around the mole. To avoid this petroleum jelly should first be applied on the surrounding area. By making use of cotton one can then apply apple cider vinegar on the mole. A scab is thus formed in a period of about two days. The scab should not be removed prematurely. The mole will thus get removed without putting in a lot of efforts.
Moles that have been examined and have been affirmed to be safe are the only ones on which home remedies can be done. One needs to consult a doctor for moles that appear to be suspicious. Removing of facial moles always has the danger of a neural damage. It is thus important to take proper care.


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